Thursday, March 6, 2014

J Paul Zoccali: Don't Exist and therefore, you won't be on The List.

J Paul Zoccali: In Honor of San Francisco's Street and Internet Bully, Harasser, and Stalker

J Paul Zoccali is the only normal guy that is trolling and harassing on the internet or walking the streets of San Francisco. Though he is homeless, hopeless, jobless, and friendless, this is your fault! Every single person that looks at him, though he looks like an old freak and you can't help but not to, has harmed J Paul Zoccali and must be stopped.

You have no business in ever interacting with J Paul Zoccali or in ever looking at anyone that you pass on the street!  Though J Paul Zoccali is filming and taking pictures of you, he has a right to do this and you have no right to look in the direction of the camera or try to divert this creepiness. If you try to divert this creepiness, you are further guilty of being a bad human. 

J Paul Zoccali comprised a list of hundreds and hundreds of people that should be destroyed and I support him all the way in his street and internet bullying, harassment, and stalking of you people!  This list must be every single person he has ever met or laid eyes upon, casually or close kin, because I don't even know that many people!

You stalked him by being alive, so he must stalk and harass you. It is only fair.  How did you stalk and harass him besides being a living-entity you may ask? Well, you walked past him, tried to interact with him because he was pointing a camera at you and questioning you, you were kind to him (you are a naughty poser!) or you just tried to be a civil human-being and make small-talk. You are bad and you will be punished by the street and internet bullying of J Paul Zoccali.

This is a learning lesson: Don't Exist and therefore, you won't be on The List.

J Paul Zoccali: San Francisco's Street and Internet Bully. He has a right to Bully and Harass You: You are BAD! Are you on his Bully and Harassment List?

J Paul Zoccali: Secretly filming you bad people on the streets of San Francisco. Have you been secretly filmed?

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