Friday, March 7, 2014

J Paul Zoccali: Give him "The Money" so he will stop bullying and harassing you.

J Paul Zoccali: The homeless, jobless, street harasser, Internet bully, secretly filming and taking pictures of most every person that he's encountered, woman hater of San Francisco is only the previous listed things because YOU stole his billions (actually trillions, as I will explain below!).  

J Paul Zoccali is Jackie O's son and though he changes who his father is every week (and previously changed his "mother" around several times...honestly, I once thought his mother was Princess Di). I do, however, know who his real father is...

J Paul Zoccali's real father is John F. Kennedy.  Yes, our former, much loved President who was cruelly assassinated.  You see, the CIA and FBI knew that J Paul Zoccali would be born several years later so they killed John F. because they were fearful regarding the power that this father/son team could make.  These two could have ruled the world.  I don't know why Zoccali cries over his lost billions...he was on track to make trillions!

But, how was Zoccali still born despite the assassination of our great President? It is a simple and logical explanation: John F. Kennedy's body was frozen and Jackie O extracted the sperm from his testicles in order to impregnate herself many years after his death. 

Pay attention and you will realize that Jackie O is his bio-mom.  I will first list the unimportant differences.  No need to pay attention to these obvious differences that do not matter:

Jackie O and her sister have wide set eyes - actually, their eyes are on the side of their faces.
Zoccali has close-set, beady eyes.

Jackie O and her sister both have small, short, heart-shaped faces.
Zoccali has a huge, long, dragging-down face and chin with a high forhead.

Jackie O and her sister have pale skin.
Zoccali has gray skin.

But, here is where the very important similarities should be adhered to and respected:

Jackie O and her sister have a head.
Zoccali has a head.

Jackie O has a neck.
Zoccali has a neck.

Jackie O and her sister have a smile.
Zoccali can smile in a similar way when having this comparison picture taken.

Jackie O and her sister have hair.
Zoccali has hair.

Enough. I no longer need to prove my support of J Paul Zoccali.  He is a Kennedy.  He deserves his trillions because he has led such a positive and productive life.  He enhances the lives of so many in such special ways. 

If you want him to stop harassing or bullying you on the internet, I would suggest you start sending him all of your hardworking money.  He deserves it...not you!

Did you make J Paul Zoccali's "Hit List?" Well, if you were in his vicinity and happened to have eyes that naturally looked at him as he was spying on you with his phone, then you are probably on it.

If you ever met J Paul Zoccali, even for a very brief time, you are likely on his "Hit List."

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