Sunday, April 20, 2014

John Zoccali is the son of Georgy Michael and Elton John

John Paul Zoccali, with the permission of Blogger, has been harassing innocent people for money for years.  He researches the wealthiest people in the world and then finds a tie into their family via his claimed birth.  He then makes an argument that he was given away for adoption because the wealthy mother was trying to protect him from people that would do him harm as he grew up. 

John Paul Zoccali now claims that anyone that he has ever met, his entire life, is now part of the conspiracy to keep him from his rich mother and steal his trust-fund and/or inheritance.  John Zoccali refuses to work, finds a problem with every boss and co-worker (they are all after his money), and thus he is living in a homeless shelter that permits him the time to sit on the internet all day long extorting money from everyone that he has ever met.  He publicly humiliates everyone on his blog and then sends each of these people an email requesting money. 

I have done my own research on the true parentage of John Zoccali.   John Zoccali is the product of a secret experiment to create a baby between two wealthy, gay men.  These two men are George Michael and Elton John.  The song, that these two superstars collaborated on by the title of "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" reveals the need to keep this secret experiment covered up. 

See for yourself:  This is a picture of John Zoccali looking like an aged 1980's gay rock star:

This is George Michael: A real 1980's (now) aged, gay rock star. 
The song that George Michael and Elton John collaborated on in order to express their need to keep this secret experiment hidden is linked below:

Friday, March 14, 2014

J Paul Zoccali: Demands Money from People on his Internet Bully List

J Paul Zoccali has a list of hundreds of people that he compiled in order to harass and bully on the internet via Blogger.  His harassment list has been reported numerous times to Blogger with no action taken by Blogger to protect these people.  Good job, Blogger!

It has come to my attention, that J Paul Zoccali sent these same people an email demanding money. His excuse for the demand was that he was a starting up a website called Sports Greats Journalism Archive. As with everything J Paul Zoccali does, he never followed through with this and proudly displays that he is on hiatus.  He is a victim and his "project" was ruined by mysterious forces.

J Paul Zoccali has been on "hiatus" his entire life.  Of course, he is a victim of a "hiatus life" and the hundreds of people he is blackmailing for money is the cause.  As noted previously, I don't even know as many people as he has listed so it is obvious that J Paul Zoccali is a "victim" of every single person that ever crossed his path. 

The email that he sent demanding money is to all those hundreds that he is accusing of victimizing him.  Pretty smart, J Paul Zoccali: Go to your abusers and ask them for money.  He is savvy beyond any of those people that victimized him. 

To all those hundreds of people, here is my advice: You tortured J Paul Zoccali.  He is a victim and he demands your money.  If you handed over the money when he requested, he would not have to bully and harass you publicly.  If you gave him all your money then he would not be linking himself to every wealthy family in the United States.  Basically, it is your fault that he is Kennedy or a Vanderbilt or a Hughes or a Rothschild or a whatever...Personally, I believe he is a crossbreed of all these families because he IS so superior. 

Whom amongst us is smart?  J Paul Zoccali who has never accomplished anything his entire life (he even misnames the college he supposedly graduated from, with only a BA degree, THE Ohio State University?) and demands money from those who violently tortured him or randomly links himself to any publicly known family with money?  Or those of you on his Blackmail List who refused him the money and are now being publicly harassed and bullied?  Hands down...J Paul Zoccali is the clear winner. 

J Paul Zoccali has a hard time with math too...He posted a creepy, fake looking "article" that references Jackie O as looking for maternity clothes in August 1969 (this obviously means that she is his biological mother, dah, though he looks the exact opposite of her)...this supposed date (and supposed "article") looked altered...but let's go on it...Zoccali was born late April Jacki O was looking for maternity clothes on her 1st day of pregnancy?  Hmmm, most women don't even know they're pregnant until almost 2 months.  Just because J Paul Zoccali has a hard time with math, doesn't mean you or the Kennedys shouldn't hand him over THE MONEY!

Are you on J Paul Zoccali's Black Mail List?  Everyone that's ever even looked at him is. 

If you want him to stop harassing or bullying you on the internet, I would suggest you start sending him all of your hardworking money.  He deserves it...not you!

Did you make J Paul Zoccali's "Hit List?" Well, if you were in his vicinity and happened to have eyes that naturally looked at him as he was spying on you with his phone, then you are probably on it.

If you ever met J Paul Zoccali, even for a very brief time, you are likely on his "Hit List."

J Paul Zoccali Blackmail List
J Paul Zoccali internet bully
J Paul Zoccali Niles, Ohio
J Paul Zoccali email demanding your money
J Paul Zoccali secretly films monitors people in San Francisco
San Francisco homeless man harassing people on the streets
Tall homeless man filming people in San Francisco
Tall homeless man harassing
Tall homeless man bothering people in San Francisco


Friday, March 7, 2014

J Paul Zoccali: Give him "The Money" so he will stop bullying and harassing you.

J Paul Zoccali: The homeless, jobless, street harasser, Internet bully, secretly filming and taking pictures of most every person that he's encountered, woman hater of San Francisco is only the previous listed things because YOU stole his billions (actually trillions, as I will explain below!).  

J Paul Zoccali is Jackie O's son and though he changes who his father is every week (and previously changed his "mother" around several times...honestly, I once thought his mother was Princess Di). I do, however, know who his real father is...

J Paul Zoccali's real father is John F. Kennedy.  Yes, our former, much loved President who was cruelly assassinated.  You see, the CIA and FBI knew that J Paul Zoccali would be born several years later so they killed John F. because they were fearful regarding the power that this father/son team could make.  These two could have ruled the world.  I don't know why Zoccali cries over his lost billions...he was on track to make trillions!

But, how was Zoccali still born despite the assassination of our great President? It is a simple and logical explanation: John F. Kennedy's body was frozen and Jackie O extracted the sperm from his testicles in order to impregnate herself many years after his death. 

Pay attention and you will realize that Jackie O is his bio-mom.  I will first list the unimportant differences.  No need to pay attention to these obvious differences that do not matter:

Jackie O and her sister have wide set eyes - actually, their eyes are on the side of their faces.
Zoccali has close-set, beady eyes.

Jackie O and her sister both have small, short, heart-shaped faces.
Zoccali has a huge, long, dragging-down face and chin with a high forhead.

Jackie O and her sister have pale skin.
Zoccali has gray skin.

But, here is where the very important similarities should be adhered to and respected:

Jackie O and her sister have a head.
Zoccali has a head.

Jackie O has a neck.
Zoccali has a neck.

Jackie O and her sister have a smile.
Zoccali can smile in a similar way when having this comparison picture taken.

Jackie O and her sister have hair.
Zoccali has hair.

Enough. I no longer need to prove my support of J Paul Zoccali.  He is a Kennedy.  He deserves his trillions because he has led such a positive and productive life.  He enhances the lives of so many in such special ways. 

If you want him to stop harassing or bullying you on the internet, I would suggest you start sending him all of your hardworking money.  He deserves it...not you!

Did you make J Paul Zoccali's "Hit List?" Well, if you were in his vicinity and happened to have eyes that naturally looked at him as he was spying on you with his phone, then you are probably on it.

If you ever met J Paul Zoccali, even for a very brief time, you are likely on his "Hit List."

Thursday, March 6, 2014

J Paul Zoccali: Don't Exist and therefore, you won't be on The List.

J Paul Zoccali: In Honor of San Francisco's Street and Internet Bully, Harasser, and Stalker

J Paul Zoccali is the only normal guy that is trolling and harassing on the internet or walking the streets of San Francisco. Though he is homeless, hopeless, jobless, and friendless, this is your fault! Every single person that looks at him, though he looks like an old freak and you can't help but not to, has harmed J Paul Zoccali and must be stopped.

You have no business in ever interacting with J Paul Zoccali or in ever looking at anyone that you pass on the street!  Though J Paul Zoccali is filming and taking pictures of you, he has a right to do this and you have no right to look in the direction of the camera or try to divert this creepiness. If you try to divert this creepiness, you are further guilty of being a bad human. 

J Paul Zoccali comprised a list of hundreds and hundreds of people that should be destroyed and I support him all the way in his street and internet bullying, harassment, and stalking of you people!  This list must be every single person he has ever met or laid eyes upon, casually or close kin, because I don't even know that many people!

You stalked him by being alive, so he must stalk and harass you. It is only fair.  How did you stalk and harass him besides being a living-entity you may ask? Well, you walked past him, tried to interact with him because he was pointing a camera at you and questioning you, you were kind to him (you are a naughty poser!) or you just tried to be a civil human-being and make small-talk. You are bad and you will be punished by the street and internet bullying of J Paul Zoccali.

This is a learning lesson: Don't Exist and therefore, you won't be on The List.

J Paul Zoccali: San Francisco's Street and Internet Bully. He has a right to Bully and Harass You: You are BAD! Are you on his Bully and Harassment List?

J Paul Zoccali: Secretly filming you bad people on the streets of San Francisco. Have you been secretly filmed?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

J Paul Zoccali, "The Most Hateful Toward Women" Blog Award

J Paul Zoccali: Every Woman's Nightmare. Communication By Symbol.

If you meet him for a brief period in your life, you will suffer the consequences. Every woman he interacts with is the devil. Hmmm, has he uncovered the secret to the universe? He will extract as much information that he can from you, especially your name and location, and will proceed to terrorize you publicly on the internet. He will post pictures of you and his secret video recordings of you. He will make up stories about you. There are hundreds of you that he has uncovered as the devil and you've been found out!

No woman goes unscathed by an encounter with J Paul Zoccali. He is exploiting, harassing, abusing, and terrorizing hundreds of "evil" woman as we speak. All you dirty scoundrels had it coming and J Paul Zoccali is the man to offer redemption to all of us guys that don't have the balls. Got to give credit to "Blogger" and commend them on a fine interpretation of "free speech."

Us guys are applauding you on J Paul Zoccali.  Keep up the great work. Keep up the hate. You are a great example to all of us and we award you the "The Most Hateful Toward Women" Blog Award.

J Paul Zoccali
J. Paul Zoccali
John Zoccali