Thursday, February 20, 2014

J Paul Zoccali, "The Most Hateful Toward Women" Blog Award

J Paul Zoccali: Every Woman's Nightmare. Communication By Symbol.

If you meet him for a brief period in your life, you will suffer the consequences. Every woman he interacts with is the devil. Hmmm, has he uncovered the secret to the universe? He will extract as much information that he can from you, especially your name and location, and will proceed to terrorize you publicly on the internet. He will post pictures of you and his secret video recordings of you. He will make up stories about you. There are hundreds of you that he has uncovered as the devil and you've been found out!

No woman goes unscathed by an encounter with J Paul Zoccali. He is exploiting, harassing, abusing, and terrorizing hundreds of "evil" woman as we speak. All you dirty scoundrels had it coming and J Paul Zoccali is the man to offer redemption to all of us guys that don't have the balls. Got to give credit to "Blogger" and commend them on a fine interpretation of "free speech."

Us guys are applauding you on J Paul Zoccali.  Keep up the great work. Keep up the hate. You are a great example to all of us and we award you the "The Most Hateful Toward Women" Blog Award.

J Paul Zoccali
J. Paul Zoccali
John Zoccali


  1. Ya know what? I've got nothing else to do at this point. I'm going to start looking into stopping you.

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