Sunday, April 20, 2014

John Zoccali is the son of Georgy Michael and Elton John

John Paul Zoccali, with the permission of Blogger, has been harassing innocent people for money for years.  He researches the wealthiest people in the world and then finds a tie into their family via his claimed birth.  He then makes an argument that he was given away for adoption because the wealthy mother was trying to protect him from people that would do him harm as he grew up. 

John Paul Zoccali now claims that anyone that he has ever met, his entire life, is now part of the conspiracy to keep him from his rich mother and steal his trust-fund and/or inheritance.  John Zoccali refuses to work, finds a problem with every boss and co-worker (they are all after his money), and thus he is living in a homeless shelter that permits him the time to sit on the internet all day long extorting money from everyone that he has ever met.  He publicly humiliates everyone on his blog and then sends each of these people an email requesting money. 

I have done my own research on the true parentage of John Zoccali.   John Zoccali is the product of a secret experiment to create a baby between two wealthy, gay men.  These two men are George Michael and Elton John.  The song, that these two superstars collaborated on by the title of "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" reveals the need to keep this secret experiment covered up. 

See for yourself:  This is a picture of John Zoccali looking like an aged 1980's gay rock star:

This is George Michael: A real 1980's (now) aged, gay rock star. 
The song that George Michael and Elton John collaborated on in order to express their need to keep this secret experiment hidden is linked below: