Friday, March 14, 2014

J Paul Zoccali: Demands Money from People on his Internet Bully List

J Paul Zoccali has a list of hundreds of people that he compiled in order to harass and bully on the internet via Blogger.  His harassment list has been reported numerous times to Blogger with no action taken by Blogger to protect these people.  Good job, Blogger!

It has come to my attention, that J Paul Zoccali sent these same people an email demanding money. His excuse for the demand was that he was a starting up a website called Sports Greats Journalism Archive. As with everything J Paul Zoccali does, he never followed through with this and proudly displays that he is on hiatus.  He is a victim and his "project" was ruined by mysterious forces.

J Paul Zoccali has been on "hiatus" his entire life.  Of course, he is a victim of a "hiatus life" and the hundreds of people he is blackmailing for money is the cause.  As noted previously, I don't even know as many people as he has listed so it is obvious that J Paul Zoccali is a "victim" of every single person that ever crossed his path. 

The email that he sent demanding money is to all those hundreds that he is accusing of victimizing him.  Pretty smart, J Paul Zoccali: Go to your abusers and ask them for money.  He is savvy beyond any of those people that victimized him. 

To all those hundreds of people, here is my advice: You tortured J Paul Zoccali.  He is a victim and he demands your money.  If you handed over the money when he requested, he would not have to bully and harass you publicly.  If you gave him all your money then he would not be linking himself to every wealthy family in the United States.  Basically, it is your fault that he is Kennedy or a Vanderbilt or a Hughes or a Rothschild or a whatever...Personally, I believe he is a crossbreed of all these families because he IS so superior. 

Whom amongst us is smart?  J Paul Zoccali who has never accomplished anything his entire life (he even misnames the college he supposedly graduated from, with only a BA degree, THE Ohio State University?) and demands money from those who violently tortured him or randomly links himself to any publicly known family with money?  Or those of you on his Blackmail List who refused him the money and are now being publicly harassed and bullied?  Hands down...J Paul Zoccali is the clear winner. 

J Paul Zoccali has a hard time with math too...He posted a creepy, fake looking "article" that references Jackie O as looking for maternity clothes in August 1969 (this obviously means that she is his biological mother, dah, though he looks the exact opposite of her)...this supposed date (and supposed "article") looked altered...but let's go on it...Zoccali was born late April Jacki O was looking for maternity clothes on her 1st day of pregnancy?  Hmmm, most women don't even know they're pregnant until almost 2 months.  Just because J Paul Zoccali has a hard time with math, doesn't mean you or the Kennedys shouldn't hand him over THE MONEY!

Are you on J Paul Zoccali's Black Mail List?  Everyone that's ever even looked at him is. 

If you want him to stop harassing or bullying you on the internet, I would suggest you start sending him all of your hardworking money.  He deserves it...not you!

Did you make J Paul Zoccali's "Hit List?" Well, if you were in his vicinity and happened to have eyes that naturally looked at him as he was spying on you with his phone, then you are probably on it.

If you ever met J Paul Zoccali, even for a very brief time, you are likely on his "Hit List."

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